Steeping Tea

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Status: Functional again but WIP

If you, like me, forget your teabag steeping in hot water for too long, ruining your afternoon tea... Save your favorite songs from youtube, pick the type of tea you are steeping. Play and enjoy the song. When the song is done, your tea is ready!

Ruby on Rails

Date: Initial version January 2016 - WIP version 2: November 2020

(Questionably useful) Tools series II

Links: see repos on

These tools are useless to most people. But I needed them, so I built them:

TNG Episode Picker

There is this great free TV channel that shows Star Trek every night, but now I'm moving and I packed my TV. I can still watch Star Trek TNG online, but the beauty of watching it on TV is that they pick the episode for me, and I don't have to waste time in the rabbit hole.


If you wanna know what your running pace per mile is. One less app I need installed on my phone.

HTML + Vanilla JS

Date: Sept & Nov 2020

Infinite field of grass

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Turn on the volume, scroll over the grass with your mouse, and relax.
Edit 2020: Once I found this link on reddit and thought it was exactly how I felt like when I was making this app

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Works on desktop only

Date: May 2015

(Questionably useful) Tools series I

Links: see repos on

These tools are useless to most people. But I needed them, so I built them:

Binaural Purr

If you're having a hard time falling asleep or focus on your work, leverage the binaural purr. Volume, pitch and beat rate controls

Napkin math

Ever heard of that expression? Well, here is the napkin on your phone. Draw using your finger. Can't save or anything. This is for fun.

A Sweet Reward

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Interview product idea project, with a fictional partnership between your GPS watch and a local ice cream store.

SVG and D3.

Date: June 2017


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I like knolling in real life, so, why not on the screen?
I find it pretty relaxing and entertaining.

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery. Works on desktop only

Date: August 2015


I am a programmer.
I work at thoughtbot


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